Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

  • Nurses are paid $50 per hour for their service on a normal shift.
  • A nursing assistant ispaid $33 per hour
  • An attendant ispaid $23 per hour.
  • The companywilloperate as an agencywhereemployeescan log on to the site and register for an in-person interview and berecruited.
  • A wayshouldbefound to put the platform on the site wherethosewhovisititcan log in and givetheirpersonal information to becalled back later.

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Palliative and end of life care package

  • Decoration of the living room
  • Spiritual accompaniment
  • Psychological assistance
  • Music therapyadapted to the family'sneeds
  • Customized attendant service
  • Funeral home entertainment
  • Funeral animation with religious officer.
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Musical entertainment package for religious or funeralceremony

  • And quoteaftercontacting the family online according to their needs.
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