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Are you looking to improve the empathy and competence of your palliative care team? Are you looking for comprehensive and effective training and coaching? Would you like to transform a professional experience into a deeply human mission? At ABM&J-SOINS PALLIATIFS , we are convinced that empathy and compassion are at the heart of quality palliative care.

Our team of trainers offers coaching and refresher courses for palliative care teams to reinforce these essential qualities to accompany our patients with love and respect throughout their journey.

Interested in our palliative care training courses?

Comprehensive training programs to cultivate empathy and compassion

Empathy is the common thread that links caregivers and patients at the end of life. Our training courses aim to raise team members’ awareness of our patients’ emotional and psychological needs.

We encourage every professional to put themselves in the patient’s shoes, actively listen to their concerns and understand their feelings about illness and impending death.

Cultivating empathy enables us to create a relationship of trust and compassion with patients, accompanying them with gentleness and understanding on their unique journey.

Coaching for palliative care teams

Palliative home care requires a high level of expertise to meet the complex needs of patients at the end of life. Our refresher program offers ongoing training to develop your team’s professional skills and medical knowledge. 

We keep abreast of the latest advances in palliative care to train you to offer high-quality care that respects your patients’ dignity and autonomy.

Our aim is to help you provide exceptional, compassionate and skilled care, so that patients can live out their final moments in peace.

Compassion at the heart of care

Beyond technical skills, our refresher program emphasizes the importance of caring and ethics in home palliative care. We view each patient as a unique individual with his or her own story and values.

By cultivating caring, we make a significant difference in the lives of our patients and their families. We help you provide attentive support and ensure that every decision is made in the interest of the patient’s overall well-being.

Caring is the key to creating a loving and secure care environment where patients feel accompanied with respect and dignity to the end of their journey.

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